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An award winning, medium density beachfront development comprising 17 apartments, Mona Vale.

The Rockpool apartments are one of Cornerstone's earlier housing developments, and architect Alex Popov's first medium density multi-residential project. An assertive series of seventeen apartments arranged in two rows separated by a public garden, like all of Popov's work Rockpool combines the ethos of International Modernism with a heightened sense of climate and place. Nestled into native scrubland, facing out to sea, it is quintessentially Australian.

Completed 1999

"Rockpool demonstrates a strong symmetrical ordering, but it's not rigid. The shape of the vault is an expression of the environment, of the sea. The massing of volumes allows for a generous open plan, and the pedestrian thoroughfare and public courtyard set a benchmark as a community model."
Alex Popov, Architect, PopovBass
"The experience of working with Alex Popov was a formative moment of my career. The four years it took to create Rockpool, from conception to delivery, totally changed the way I think about architecture, urbanism and landscape."
- Michael Grant, Director, Cornerstone


RAIA Award for Architecture, Winner, Single and Multiple Housing, 2001

Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA), Award for Excellence, Winner, Medium & High Density Housing, 2000

Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) Award for Excellence, Winner, Small Scale Medium & High Density Housing, 2000